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Sheila Watt-Cloutier’s UN COP-17 lecture

Archived live webcast: “Not the Time to COP Out” – Sheila Watt-Cloutier‘s lecture on climate change to UN COP‐17. This event was presented by Mount Allison University’s Arctic Environmental Change class, and is part of IsumaTV’s project: Digital Indigenous Democracy (DID) For more information, see:

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Will Steger Foundation Videos

The Will Steger Foundation seeks to inspire and be a catalyst for international environmental leadership to stop global warming through exploration, education and action.

The featured movie is on Ellesmere Island, rife with wildlife; from white wolves, to muskox, to rabbits the size of Volkswagons. Fearless of humans, the animals stroll thru camp each evening.

View more movies at The Will Steger Foundation.

Silent Snow the movie trailer
Trailer for a feature length film. Expected release: spring 2011. Film by Jan van den Berg and Pipaluk Knudsen-Ostermann. An Inuit search for solutions to the chemical poisoning of the world. View larger version at the Silent Snow trailer web site. More information at DRSFILM.TV
Gatekeepers of the Arctic
Documentary film project highlighting the interconnectivity between Arctic ice melt and global environmental changes through personal stories of local indigenous communities and scientists doing research in the region.
Polar bears playing with sled dogs
While on assignment in Churchill, Manitoba in 1992, wildlife photographer Norbert Rosing went to see a sled dog kennel owned by breeder Brian Ladoon. During that visit, a large male polar bear appeared out of nowhere and approached one of the dogs. To the astonishment of both Rosing and Ladoon, the dog stayed put and wagged its tail. The bear and dog touched noses and began to play. Rosing captured the encounter on camera.

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